Constructive Disobedience Call

Call before the call
Calling out a dispositivo

#ConstructiveDisobedience invites architects, engineers, manufacturers and craftspeople to present a specific insight into their constructive experiments and to engage in exchange. The aim is to find instructions for action – dispositivi – on how we can enable constructive experimentation from the core of the profession, understand it methodically, establish it as design research and thus bring it into recognition academically and on the building site. What culture of risk can and must be established in the service of responsible architectural production and how can we make a living from it?

The call for contribution to the international symposium #ConstructiveDisobedience 09/22 will be published on on 06.09.2021.

Organized by

Prof. Helga Blocksdorf,
TU Braunschweig,
Institute for Construction

Katharina Benjamin,
Digital Education Platform

Prof. Dr. Matthias Ballestrem,
HCU, Architecture and 
Experimental Design