Aldo van Eyck Sonsbeek Pavilion in Arnhem 1966

Design and Figurative Design: COMMONSTRUCTURES

Gestaltung und Design I

The design studio will assume the material as the origin of an architecture that appears in the coherence of the architectural expression, the spatiality and the construction. By starting the design process with the choice of a material that will guide us through the process we are looking for an architectural unity where each single element refer to the whole and the whole to the single element.
Focusing on common materials we will develop a small spatial structure for a non-specific use which means we are interested in an architectural quality that is not based on functionality but can accept or even generate different uses because of its structural nature.
Through the analysis of selected works by architects and artists like Per Kirkeby, Carl Andre or Anne Holtrop we will approach the theme and determine relevant topics. Studyworks of materials and elements in real scale will help us to understand the structural and atmospheric qualities of the materials we are working with. Sketches and Models will be the tools to develop a small scale project for a COMMONSTRUCTURE that will be finalized in a big scale model.

A possible realization of one of the proposals will be studied during the semester.